Valley Haiku is a poets society formed by a small group of haiku enthusiast a couple of years ago. We were introduced to the lovely world of Haiku in school and continued reading and writing Haiku. His website was created to connect with other Haiku lovers in the world.

What is Haiku?

Haiku is a short poem written in English that emulates the Japanese Haiku. It is usually around three lines and describes a moment that passed you by. Although Haiku originated in Japan in the Japanese language, it soon crossed over to English in the early twentieth century, when the first Haiku in English was written. Interestingly, even well-known poets were taken in by the simplicity and depth of Haiku poems and have also tried their hand at writing it.  Since its inception, Haiku has been used as a teaching tool in schools to encourage the love of poetry among young students.

A typical Haiku focuses on nature on one of the seasons of nature. It is usually in a wistful tone with simple syntax and lines that do not rhyme. Haikus do not consist of metaphors or similes as they take away the essence of the haiku. Haikus are usually three lines long with around 17 syllables placed in a five-seven-five pattern. Some haiku poets prefer their haikus to be said in a single breath.  Since haikus tend to have no capitalization or punctuation, except a few dashes or ellipses if required, they are easy to identify from other short English poems.

Here are a few lovely examples of Haiku

Snow in the shoe


Sparrow’s nest

— Jack Kerouac

Whitecaps in the day:

A broken door banging

In the January wind.

— Richard Wright,

Interestingly, Haiku has become popular in all the corners of the world due to its simplicity. However, writing Haiku is a bit more difficult considering the fact that you have to accommodate your thoughts within three lines consisting of 17 syllables only. However, this has not deterred the large growing number of Haiku poets. This is how the Valley Haiku came about. We hold regular events with Haiku poets. This gives a chance to wannabe haiku writers to clear their doubts and get inspired to start writing.

Haiku is an interesting way to encourage a love for poems in young kids and adults. We organize special events for young children. Since haiku poems are only three lines long, it makes it more fun for the children. We have also conducted writing workshops for young kids to inspire them to write haiku on their own. We have featured several of their haiku on the website. As the years have gone by, the number of people interested in haiku has increased making our little group expand exponentially.  Our latest venture is publishing a book of haiku poems from the esteemed members on the website. We have already started accepting submissions. If you want to be a part of this interesting venture, drop us a line or two. Valley Haiku is the best place to start if you are new to haiku and want to learn more about this interesting form of poetry.