This website has been created as a result of the growing popularity of Haiku poems in India. Haiku poems can be defined as a short poem, usually comprising of three lines that follows the Japanese Haiku model. It usually describes a fleeting moment related to nature or the world around us.  One of the major reasons why Haiku is so popular these days is its length. People do not have the patience to go through a full length poem. A haiku takes up less time to read or even write. In fact, many schools are using Haiku poems to create a love towards to poetry among students in schools all over the country.

This website has a large collection of beautiful Haiku poems contributed by the young and old alike from different corners of the country. Each of these poems has been categorized according to which element of nature they are alluding to. We also have a miscellaneous section that comprises of interesting Haiku poems. Website visitors are encouraged to contribute their original Haiku poems. We also a huge collection of tips contributed by Haiku experts to help out newbies to this type of poetry.

India is a land where art and culture are widely appreciated. In fact, it is not a big surprise that haiku has found a huge fan following in the country. offers plenty of exposure for Indian fans of Haiku to this Japanese art of writing poetry. Log in today to dive into the mesmerizing world of Haiku.