The Japanese form of poetry with its short length and no rhymes have attracted many, many people. For two college mates diving into poetry, it was the intense focus on nature in haiku that acted as common ground. What started as one-hour sessions a week to work on our new found love for haiku transformed into this platform of knowledge.
We began the simple blog by:

· Updating a few well-known haikus
· Talking about the history of haiku which, by the way, started in the 7th century. Yes, they are that ancient.

Slowly, as more of you got interested in the haiku poems, we started expanding the scope of the site. Right now, on the platform, you can find virtually everything about haiku poems. A handful of the more popular topics we cover under haiku are:

  • How to write haiku poems. We include tips for both beginners and the more experienced haiku writers.
  • The origins of haiku. Here we cover the original subject matter of the poems too, which use to be prayers and celebrations and later transformed into nature.
  • The characteristics of haiku such as the compactness, lack of title, and division into two parts.
  • Why haiku poems have gained popularity in the last few years?

For us, writing haiku was fun and relaxing. We want the same meditative feeling while penning a haiku for our readers. To accomplish this goal, this blog encompasses haiku writing and poetry skills from cover to cover. Be it a novice just venturing into poems that don’t rhyme to a published haiku poet, each one of you will find something useful within these virtual pages.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to it and start writing a haiku and if you need a push, read through our posts for help!