Perfect Guide To Start Writing Haiku

Haiku is a traditional and well-known poetry form which contains only a few lines. When writing Haiku, one has to follow specific rules. Haiku usually comprises of three lines. You have to take into consideration the number of syllables in each line of Haiku poetry. There are several things one must consider when writing a perfect Haiku poetry. The following would serve as an ideal guide and help you to start with writing Haiku.

Rules For Writing Haiku

Follow The Syllable Rule: A Haiku poem should contain three lines containing 17 syllables. You have to make sure that you follow the 5-7-5 syllable count rule when writing a Haiku.

No Punctuation or Capitalization Rule: No need to follow rigid rules on punctuation or capitalization restrictions when writing a Haiku poem. The structuring of Haiku is up to the writer.

Rhyming: There is no hard and fast rule that your Haiku should include rhyming words.

Tense: When writing Haiku, you have to make use of the right tense. Thus make sure that you write things in the present tense.

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Things To Consider When Writing Haiku

Choose A Specific Subject: You must write a Haiku based on nature, seasons, animals, and even the smallest creature or element of the world. Haiku can also be based on a happening of your life, precious moments, an expression of joy or sorrow, etc.

Include A Twist: Haiku writers must make sure that they include a twist in the third line of the Haiku poem. This is usually done with the use of cutting word. The twist included makes the Haiku poem interesting and creates curiosity among the readers.

Include Seasonal Word: Including seasonal words like spring, autumn, etc. can make the Haiku poem exciting and subtle.

The above would serve as a guide to writing good Haiku poems.

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