Essential Types Of Poetry

It is a literary form with artistic expression. There are several types of poetry that you must be aware of when you’re interested in reading or writing poetry. The following are some of the prominent forms of poetry.

Common Types Of Poetry

Haiku: This is a traditional poetry type which is simple to write. It is a three-line stanza which follows a 5-7-5 syllable rule. It is usually written based on nature, seasons, etc. A Haiku poem often reflects a simple moment or even happening in one’s life.

Sonnet: It is a popular traditional poetry form. Italian writers popularized it. This poetry form contains fourteen lines, and it is divided into two stanzas. There is no specific structure or rhyming scheming for writing a sonnet. This literary form has evolved over the years based on the writers thinking and poetic spin.

Image showing an old type of ink bottle and pen

Villanelle: This is an ancient poetry type which has developed into a well-structured form of poetry. It is formed based on the rustic Italian song. It contains nineteen lines which are divided into five tercets. A regular rhyming scheme is followed with two refrains in each stanza.

Gnomic Verse: This poetry form was invented in the year 1700. It is a type of poetry which offers some meaningful advice. Gnomic is derived from the ancient Greek word Gnome meaning judgment.

Ballad: It is a rhythmic poetry form. Ballad is derived from the Latin word ballare, which means to dance.

Benefits of Reading Poems

Reading poems would help to improve one’s verbal skills. It improves vocabulary and learning ability. Regular reading of poems would make the reader think. Thus it improves your critical thinking. Poetry improves concentration and creates interest in other art forms.

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