Tips For Kids To Write Good Haiku Poems

Haiku is a simple literary form, and kids would love to write Haiku poems. It would be ultimate fun for your kids when they practice writing Haiku poems. It is a short poem, and kids would find it easy to write it. But writing a good Haiku needs a lot of practice. The following tips would help kids to write good Haiku poems.

Effective Haiku Writing Tips For Kids

  • Image Represents The concept of poetry and haikuHaiku poems are simple as it contains only three lines and you have to follow the 5-7-5 syllable rule.
  • It must be based on your observations from nature like animals, seasons, etc.
  • It must also express the mood and emotion
  • Haiku can include comparison so that the mood and feelings are expressed in the right way.
  • Include all your senses when you write about nature.
  • Haiku can talk about a experience that you recently had. It can be either kite flying or event playing a tug-of-war.
  • You can also use personification, which is nothing but talking about a tree or other objects, considering it as a person.
  • It is not that Haiku should always be serious. You can also write funny and humorous Haiku.
  • See that you write Haiku poems in the present tense.
  • Children would be inspired by nature only when they step out of their house. Thus playing out would help them to write goof Haiku poems.

Benefits Of Writing Haiku

Kids would practice writing Haiku can enjoy certain benefits. Writing Haiku can help them to improve their vocabulary skills. Kids learn to write to the point as there is no room for unnecessary words in Haiku. It helps to enhance their critical thinking skills. Writing Haiku also improves the creativity of children.

The above tips would help kids to write good Haiku poems.

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