How To Write A Creatively Inspired Haiku?

Haiku is a traditional poetry form which is usually written based on inspiration from nature, seasons, daily happenings, etc. Haiku is a simple literary form, but it can be made interesting only when the writer is creatively inspired on a particular subject. The following tips would help to come up with a Haiku poem, which is creative and interesting.

Objective Of Writing Haiku

Haiku writers must be aware of the actual purpose of writing Haiku. Make sure that you do not develop Haiku based on certain ideas but try to express in words what influenced to come up with a particular idea. Thus Haiku writers should look closely on certain things like nature and happenings of your daily life at home, office, etc.

Image showing a view of a butterfly sitting on the tip of leaves

Tips To Write A Creative Haiku

The following would help to create creative and free Haiku poems.
Follow Haiku Rules: You must follow the rules of Haiku poem. The standard rules of Haiku are writing three lines and follow the 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

Include Seasons: Make sure that your Haiku poem comprises any one of the seasons like autumn, spring winter, etc.

Fragment Your Haiku: A good Haiku contains two parts. Thus include a cutting word that would cut your Haiku poem into two fragments. This would offer an exciting twist to your Haiku.

Include Your Senses: When you try to express nature, your daily happening in your life, etc. then make sure that you describe them through your five senses.

Offer A Feel: Readers should able to experience a feeling when reading Haiku poems. Thus it is important that Haiku writers must try to bring in words what caused the feeling rather than expressing the feeling itself.

Use Present Tense: Always make use of present tense when writing Haiku poems. Thus readers would feel that the Haiku poem is an actual reflection of something which is happening right now.
The above would help to write creative Haiku poems.

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