How Daily Haiku Can Make Your Life Easier?

So you are off to work. A million things to consider. At least you have daily haiku!

Daily haiku is a brand new service presented by Wisteria Press, a little haiku press. For people who do not understand, haiku is an age old Japanese poetry form that uses only a few words to capture the beauty of nature. While the 5-7-5 syllable rules might or might not be followed by modern haiku poets, the form of the poem itself has not changed.

It speaks of quiet moments we might have overlooked due to our hectic lives. Actually, it’s precisely these unmarked minutes in which haiku specializes!

Dawn — Mist hides

Before us we’ve an entire image in only 6 words! We all know what time of the day it is (morning) because the writer has indicated it using the word “dawn.” We are aware that the scene is outside because the sea cliffs are being obscured by mist, and the viewer has to be somewhere on a beach. All of this is elaborated in only 6 short words. Astonishing!

Imagine getting this type of poetry on a daily basis. You might really develop the ability to slow down a little, if just for several seconds and understand the beauty in nature. There is so much we do not see. A daily haiku service will allow you to see these “lost stones” and provide you with a minute of serenity.

Understand the Way To Write Haiku!

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