Most Frustrating Moments of Architecture covered in Haiku Poem Collection

Haiku poems harsh truth masked carefully

Life would be dull if it were devoid of humor even in the worst of times. Three architects used humor to vent out their feelings about the shortcomings in the architectural corporations across the world. The result is nothing fantastic not only because of their satirical nature but also because of the harsh truth masked carefully behind humor. At times, the Haikus are just plain truths expressed dramatically. However, the reality is heartbreaking, and large scale changes are probably essential in the modus operandi of the most prominent architectural firms.

What do the big names say?

One of the most well-known architecture owners Mr. Jerry was asked about his involvement in constructive critique with the help of Haikus. His shocking reply was ‘Not at all. It goes back to how one employs criticism. A haiku is too short of having supporting arguments, research, and rationed discussion, or the opportunity for rebuttal—things that I consider necessary for putting my name on a piece of criticism.’ Go through the Haiku Collection Targets Architecture’s Frustrating Moments.

Is it just cynicism?

Architecture firms which cynicism by haiku firmsThe architects who have compiled and contributed the Haikus in ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ are not nasty people. They have done the hard yards in their profession. Their credibility is beyond doubt, but they intend to remain anonymous because their targets are based primarily in their line of work. It will be foolish to reveal themselves because they may become the targets of an entire industry. However, the presentation of ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ is just marvelous in every way conceivable.

Where is evil, good is bound to rise

The creators of ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ stated that the architecture industry is not entirely corrupt. Dedicated and talented people are making some excellent designs. However, the majority of the professionals involved in this field are focused on making money instead of creating exceptional designs that will stand the test of time. ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ is intended to target them and perhaps make them realize the gravity of their actions.

The nuances of architecture

Talent in architecture is meant to create scientific and practical designs. Building comfortable homes and skyscrapers for corporations to operate must be among the primary goals of architects. The stark reality is that most architecture firms in the present times are profit driven with an almost negligible focus on their fundamental responsibility. ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ takes a dig at them.

They have adhered to the technicalities

Architecture firm is nothing but to create scientific and practical designs.

Some of you might feel that the cynicism and negativity surrounding ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ will make it an inferior piece of literature. Well, the reality is entirely different. These are excellent Haikus which are not full of humor, but they also create high-quality artistic expressions. You might be surprised to find out that none of the poems in the ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ collection break pattern. They are genuine, Haiku poems in every technical way.

The experiences of the creators

Should have the best experiences in art and science of architecture

Well, they are high-quality professionals who are full of positivity. Their expertise and knowledge about the art and science of architecture are top notches. So, their opinions and observations must be respected. A detailed analysis of the ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ collection will open your eyes to the unethical practices that have plagued the architecture industry in the recent past. The constant decrease in quality of design and falling structures of concrete bear testimony to the opinions expressed in ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five.’

The approach needs a paradigm shift

The creators of ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ opine that the profit-driven attitude of most multinational corporations in this sector must change. They state with conviction that there are very few disciplines like architecture design, which require the balance between creativity and practicality. The job of an architect requires the optimum combination of artistic charm coupled with scientific knowledge and attributes. So, the current drawbacks in the industry will have considerable scale implications in the times to follow, and the problems must be redressed. ‘Five Seven Five: Nine to Five’ points out in the funniest way imaginable.

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