The Simplicity Of Haiku Poems

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Haiku Poems – Preciseness Creating Beauty

There wouldn’t be many poetry lovers across the world who are not familiar with Haiku Poems. In some parts of the world, Haiku Poems are also called Hokku. Haikus were born in Japan, but the brilliance of this art form has made boundaries meaningless. Many schools in the US and the other countries have made Haiku Poems an integral part of their middle school curriculum. People attempting to create beautiful Haiku Poems can be found easily in most countries.

The love for nature
When you read the greatest Haiku Poems written by poets like Basho, plenty of references to natural elements will be evident. However, expressions of love are also quite prevalent. It must be noted that love does not always refer to the romantic kind. Haiku poems follow the 5-7-5 syllable structure. So, they never have more than seventeen syllables and three lines. It is incredible to witness such powerful expressions despite the extreme restrictions.

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Do You Think You Can Handle It?

Despite the evident, simplistic nature of Haiku Poems, writing them is not as easy as you might think. You should have concise thoughts along with the ability to render them into accurate words. Awareness of the subject of your Haiku Poem is essential to ensure that everything is on track.

Poets must be readers
Unless you read a substantial number of Haiku Poems, writing high-quality stuff will be out of the question. Your words must be rhythmic, and the flow must not be disturbed at any stage. The only way to achieve these necessary qualities is by reading works of Basho and other great Haiku poets. Poems of Richard Wright can also help in motivating and inspiring you. Vague expressions must be avoided at all cost. Preciseness and accuracy will be your best friends.

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