Tips For Writing Effective Haiku For Publishing

Haiku is a simple poetry form which is written in three lines following the 5-7-5 syllable rule. It is not easy to write an effective haiku poem that can be published by an editor. You have to follow certain things for writing good, haiku poems. Here you would know about Haiku and ways to write an effective Haiku poem that would be recognized by editors for publishing.

What Is Haiku?

It is a non-rhyming three-line poetry form which is usually based on nature, seasons, and happenings of life. It is a 17 syllable poetry following the 5-7-5 pattern. The first line must contain five syllables, followed by seven syllables in the second line and the third and final line with five syllables. Brevity is essential for writing a good haiku.

Beautiful pink flowers in full bloom in spring

Tips For Publishing Your Haiku Poem

The following are the elements that your Haiku poetry should possess so that editors would accept it for publishing.

Include A Moment: Haiku must include simple wording that talks about the current moment. Haiku is a moment of epiphany. One has to write a Haiku so that the reader feels that he/she is the active participant of Haiku poetry. It must be a reflection of the unexpected moment.

Embrace Juxtaposition: You can try to incorporate a big idea into Haiku poems using juxtaposed images. This would help to augment and define each other. The use of simile and metaphor should be done wisely in a Haiku poem.

Engage Senses: An effective Haiku would be recognized by editors for publishing when Haiku writers frame the poetry such it engages the senses of the readers.

Avoid Unnecessary Words: Haiku is small poetry and thus make sure that it contains only essential words. It must be able to talk about a moment as brief as possible.

The above tips would help Haiku writers and publish it easily without any issues.

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