What Is Haiku?

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Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry style started in the 9th century by a group of people on a local level. It was started as a way to spend some time together doing stuff. However, with time the destiny of this small activity changed and it came to be known as a world famous style of poetry. Not many people are today aware of it. However, with the help of Web Designing Companies right tools can be used to popularise this long-lost form of art. According to http://haikujournal.org/what-is-haiku/, there can be websites talking about haiku. It will inspire people to read some famous pieces and give it a short themselves.

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Before you start writing, there is a lot of information you need to keep in your mind. Haiku will give you an opportunity to write the simplest of poetries with the deepest of meaning. In India, there are many languages spoken by people from different locations. English is one of the languages used by a large mass of people as it is a common language for many. In India Haiku never became so popular. It is not that the Indian poets did not know about Haiku writers, but among people, it never gained more than sporadic popularity.

Nobel prize winner like Rabindranath Tagore has written about the Japanese culture in his work and has discussed Haiku poems. He knew about this form of poetry which shows that it did gain some popularity in India. Other people like Subramania Bharati has also written about it in his work titled Japaniyat Kavithai which translates to Japanese poetry in English. In the year 2000, even a seminar was held whose topic was “The impact of Haiku in Indian Literature”. Several poets from both the countries Japan and India attended the workshop which was organised in Institute of Asian Studies in Madras.

Things that pioneers carried with them on Haiku

Many Indian writers are the pioneer of Japanese poetries in India. Like, Prof. Satya Bhushan Verma who translatedLiving Haiku Anthology Japanese haiku poems in Hindi under the name Japan Kavitaian and published it in 1977. Another famous writer Prof. B.S. Aggarwala wrote a quarterly journal in Hindi called the Haiku Bharati. It contained haiku poems and was very well received by the people of India. It was published in 1998 and continues even till date. Today the haiku poems have a foothold in India after it is converted to English. English is a widely used language today in India. This has allowed the propel to embrace the culture from other countries, translated into English.

Interpreting haiku in Several Languages

Earlier they were majority regional language speakers or Hindi speakers. English translated versions of books are readily available that Hindi or local language translations. Hence, today the foothold is pretty deep that before. Haiku initially has its beauty in Japanese only. However, one can develop a taste for it in any way. Some people also started writing in Haiku format after reading some of the great works of Haiku writers in Japan. It is incredible, and you will love the flare of Haiku poems. It is an acquired taste, but it will keep on growing on you with the passage of time.

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